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Building Bridges and Fostering Growth: EACC Visits Businesses in the DMV

This week, the Ethio-American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) visited several businesses in the United States that recently became members, including Cyber-Spring Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Training Center, Lucky Travel Services, Amazon Consulting, and Amen Graphics and Printing. The EACC's primary mission is to promote the growth and development of Ethio-American businesses in the United States.

During the visits to these new member businesses, the EACC team learned about each company's unique products and services and discussed ways in which the chamber could support their growth and expansion. The EACC recognizes the importance of providing resources and support to its members, particularly during the current economic climate.

One of the businesses visited by the EACC was Cyber-Spring Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Training Center., This business provides training and certification courses in cybersecurity and cloud computing. The partnered owner, Ato Solomon, shared the inspiring story of how a team of experienced individuals partnered together to help the Ethiopian community, especially recent immigrants, seeking to acquire new skills in technology and employment opportunities. Furthermore, he expressed their interest in expanding there training offerings to provide even more opportunities for the community.

Another business that the EACC visited was Lucky Travel Services, a travel agency specializing in travel arrangements to and from Ethiopia. The agency's management team shared their commitment to providing quality service to their clients and the EACC team discussed how the chamber can connect them with potential partners and clients in Ethiopia.

The EACC also visited Amazon Consulting which provides a wide range of services, including tax return preparation, airline tickets, citizenship and green card applications, passport renewals, and much more. During the visit, the management team expressed their interest in expanding their services to the Ethio-Americancommunity, and the EACC team provided valuable guidance on how to navigate the Ethiopian market and establish partnerships with local businesses.

Finally, the EACC visited Amen Graphics and Printing, a company that provides graphic design and printing services to businesses. The company's management team shared their desire to expand their business operations and the EACC team discussed how the chamber could support their efforts by connecting them with potential clients and partners in the area.

These visits made by the EACC to its newly joined member businesses demonstrate the chamber's unwavering commitment to supporting its members and promoting a robust economy for the present and future generations in the United States. Through providing valuable resources, expert guidance, and networking opportunities, the EACC is helping these businesses thrive and make significant contributions to the local economy. As the EACC continues to grow its membership, it will continue to remain committed to offering the essential support and resources required to help its members prosper in the dynamic and thriving Ethio-American business community.

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